Client: Kalkandu

Industry: Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Beverages and Snacks

Background: Kalkandu is a prominent D2C brand specializing in the sale of beverages and snacks in Singapore.

Challenge: The primary challenges faced by Kalkandu included:

  • Establishing an effective D2C martech technology.
  • Increasing sales volume profitably amidst stiff competition.

Goal: The goal was to enhance the overall sales performance through targeted audience engagement and optimized marketing strategies.

Strategy: To address the challenges and achieve the set goals, Thirdi, an AI-based ad optimization platform, recommended the implementation of the following strategies over a period of three months:

  1. Audience Segmentation and Creative Optimizations:
    • Developed targeted campaigns for different audience cohorts based on detailed segmentation.
    • Tailored creative content to resonate with specific audience groups.
  2. Optimization on Multiple Parameters:
    • Performed optimizations across various parameters including age, demographics, ad placement, and media platforms.
    • Leveraged AI to continuously refine and improve ad performance based on real-time data.
  3. Website Content Optimization and Sales Funnel Creation:
    • Enhanced website content to better engage visitors and guide them through a streamlined sales funnel.
    • Focused on improving the overall user experience to convert visitors into loyal customers.

Results: The implementation of these strategies yielded impressive results:

  • 250% Increase in Sales: The optimized campaigns and enhanced user experience led to a significant boost in sales volume.
  • Deeper Understanding of Audience Cohorts: Gained valuable insights into audience behavior and preferences, improvement in average sales price, bundling and retention. 

Conclusion: By leveraging Thirdi’s AI-powered ad optimization capabilities, Kalkandu successfully navigated its challenges and achieved substantial growth in sales. The deep understanding of audience segments and continuous optimization played a crucial role in establishing a strong mar-tech foundation and driving profitable expansion in the competitive D2C beverage and snack market. 

"By going beyond siloed website and sales approach, and focusing on business outcomes, Thirdi has helped us to develop a highly effective approach. With the reliable tech set-up we are well positioned to scale our campaigns further."
– Founder, Kalkundu